Will Sunspot AR2671 feature in the eclipse?

SOHO Image Sunspot AR2671

Sunspot AR2671 has appeared from behind the Sun and tripled in area over the past 24 hours. The sunspot has also spread in to multiple spots. Over the next couple of days the group will face towards the Earth increasing the chances of solar flares.

Sunspot AR2671 has developed an unstable ‘delta-class’ magnetic field that harbors energy for strong M-class or even X-class solar flares. The sunspot is turning toward Earth, so any flares in the days ahead would likely be geoeffective, producing radio blackouts and other effects.


The huge sunspot group which has grown larger than the Earth will likely feature in the countless images taken of the partial phases of the eclipse on 21 August.

If the group reaches the limb of the Sun by Monday, it may produce some nice prominences for totality. Much like the previous total solar eclipse in Indonesia last year.

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