The Great American Eclipse

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On August 21, 2017, the United States of America witnessed a total solar eclipse. Here you can find maps, totality timings, events, eclipse glasses, interactive maps, weather prospects and information about eclipse phenomena.

The ‘Great American Eclipse’ as it has been called was a truly spectacular event for millions of people. This much anticipated eclipse was the most watched, most photographed and most televised astronomical event of a generation. The path of totality began in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean then race across no less than 14 states of the USA from West to East plunging the landscape in to darkness for a over 2 minutes. The corridor of the Moon’s shadow will reached over 70 miles in width. Millions of Americans lived within easy reach of the total phase of this eclipse known as totality. Countless more made travel plans across the United States for a chance to witness these precious couple of minutes of beauty and wonder.

A rare aspect of this eclipse is that the path of totality occurs over just one country. This was America’s eclipse. The 2017 eclipse finally ended a little over 300 miles SSW of Cape Verde.

Courtesy of ByoungJun Jeong – Recorded at Warm Springs, OR, US.

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The Ultimate Eclipse 2017 Observing Guide

Live Webcasts and Streams

Most experienced totality in all its glory, “in the flesh”. However, when that was not possible or heaven forbid viewers were totally clouded out, this site provided plenty of resources to watch all phases of the solar eclipse in 2017 live via webcasts and live streams. All the links are be available in the Live Eclipse section for which some can be replayed.

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