Oregon Fire Concerns for the Eclipse

Oregon wildfire

Concerns are growing as the hot weather continues in the lead up to the eclipse on August, 21. There are a number of ‘hot spots’ being monitored in the Mount Jefferson area or Oregon. In addition four trails closed last week, Jefferson Park and a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail were also closed.

The Whitewater Fire has grown slightly to 89 acres in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness east of Detroit, but officials are concerned about the situation getting worse. Thousands of hikers could descend on the wilderness for the eclipse. Recent storms have sparked the fires which is a natural phenomenon. It may surprise some people but it is commonplace for wildfires to ignite a week or so after a lightning storm from left over smouldering trees.

Keep up-to-date with the latest hot spots and fires using this US Wildfire Activity map.

Current Trail closures:

Whitewater Trail #3429 is closed from its origin at Whitewater Trailhead to the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail #2000.

Cheat Creek Trail #3441 is closed from its origin at Cheat Creek Trailhead to the junction with the Triangulation Trail #3373.

Triangulation Trail #3373 is closed from its junction with trail #3374 (near Triangulation Peak) to the terminus at Whitewater Trail #3429.

Crag Trail #3364 from its origin at Breitenbush Trailhead to the terminus at the Traingulation Trail #3373.

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