Solar Filters

As well as Eclipse Glasses, you may need solar filters to safely observe the eclipse on 21 August, 2017. Especially if intending on using a telescope to observe the eclipse. Below are a number of varying solar filter products available for different applications.

Thousand Oaks Solar Film Sheets

Thousand Oaks Solar Film

If you want to make your own filter, these black polymer sheets are the most common for eclipse and sunspot observing. These sheets are a quality product of Thousand Oaks Optical, Arizona, a manufacturer of safe solar filters for over 30 years. “Stronger than Mylar with the filtering properties protected within the substrate. Guaranteed five years.” All available from via the links below.

4″ x 4″ Solar Filter Sheet – $9.99 – Order Now

6″ x 6″ Solar Filter Sheet – $14.99 – Order Now

8″ x 8″ Solar Filter Sheet – $19.99 – Order Now

12″ x 12″ Solar Filter Sheet – $28.99 – Order Now

Thousand Oaks SolarLite Filters

SolarLite filters have the optical quality of the glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer (Thousand Oaks Optical Black Polymer). The sun will appear in a natural yellow-orange color when viewed through your telescope using this filter. Please read the Amazon description carefully to select the correct filter for your telescope.

50mm (for 40mm instruments) – $59.00 Order Now

70mm (for 50mm instruments) – $59.00 Order Now

90mm (for 80mm instruments) – $59.00 Order Now

108mm (for 90mm instruments) – $69.00 Order Now

146mm (for 127mm instruments) – $79.00 Order Now

158mm (for 127mm instruments) – $69.00 Order Now

236mm (for 203mm instruments – 8″) – $109.00 Order Now

Astromania Full Aperture 70-92mm Deluxe Telescope Filter

80mm Telescope Solar Filter   

A must-have to safely observe the sun through your telescope without damaging your eyes – optical glass filter fits snugly over your telescope’s aperture to block 99.9% of incoming sunlight. Explore the Sun safely through a telescope with these high-quality solar filter featuring Baader AstroSolar film in a sturdy aluminum cell. Three clamping screws with protective plastic caps – ensure a perfect fit and are also gentle on your telescope,attaches directly – filter in anodized aluminium mounting.

100mm (Adjustable for 70mm to 92mm aperture) – $34.99 – Order Now