Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2017

One of two lunar eclipses before the Great American Eclipse occurs on the night of 10/11 of February 2017. This eclipse will be penumbral meaning that the Moon will pass through the outer shadow of the Earth. The Full Moon will enter the penumbral shadow at 22:34 UT on Friday February 10, 2017 reaching maximum eclipse at 00:43 UT (On Saturday 11th). The Moon will then leave the Earth’s shadow at 02:53 UT with the whole event lasting over 3 hours from start to finish.

NASA Eclipse Visibility

NASA Lunar Eclipse animationCourtesy of Fred Espenak

As this NASA illustration shows below, there is only a slight darkening of the Moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Timings 10-11 Feb 2017

Please note that all times shown before midnight are for Friday 10th February. All times after midnight are for Saturday 11th February

Time ZoneEclipse BeginsMaximum EclipseEclipse Ends
PSTNot visibleNot Visible18:53:29
MSTNot visible17:43:5419:53:29
CSTNot visible18:43:5420:53:29
UT / GMT22:34:1400:43:5402:53:29
UT+503:34:1405:43:54Not Visible
UT+5.504:04:1406:13:54Not Visible
UT+604:34:14Not VisibleNot Visible
UT+6.505:04:14Not VisibleNot Visible
UT+705:34:14Not VisibleNot Visible
UT+8Not visibleNot VisibleNot Visible