Total Solar Eclipse 2019 – 02 July

On July 02, 2019 a total solar eclipse will be visible in a narrow corridor that crosses the southern Pacific Ocean and South America. This is the first total solar eclipse since the Great American Eclipse of 2017 which this website was originally launched for. Known as the Moon’s Umbra, the dark shadow of the Moon will begin its journey eastward from a location roughly 1900 kilometers east of New Zealand’s North Island at 18:02 UTC. More information and timings are available at See our Interactive Eclipse 2019 Map page for a detailed google map of the eclipse path. The map can be accessed by clicking below..

Click to visit the interactive eclipse path page for the 02, July Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Timings – Chile

Eclipse Timings – Argentina

Eclipse Timings – Brazil

The next solar eclipse will be the annular solar eclipse on 26 December, 2019