The Great American Eclipse


On August 21, 2017, the United States of America will witness a total solar eclipse. Here you can find maps, totality timings, events, eclipse glasses, interactive maps, weather prospects and information about eclipse phenomena.

The ‘Great American Eclipse’ as it has been called is to be a truly spectacular event. This much anticipated eclipse is likely to be the most watched, most photographed and most televised astronomical event of a generation. The path of totality will begin in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean then race across no less than 14 states of the USA from West to East plunging the landscape in to darkness for a over 2 minutes. The corridor of the Moon’s shadow will reach over 70 miles in width. Millions of Americans will live within easy reach of the total phase of this eclipse known as totality. Countless numbers of people will be making travel plans across the United States for August 2017.

A rare aspect of this eclipse is that the path of totality occurs over just one country. This is America’s eclipse, a great eclipse for a great nation. The 2017 eclipse also occurs over the planet’s two largest oceans, the Pacific and Atlantic ending a little over 300 miles SSW of Cape Verde.

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Eclipse visualization provided by Ernie Wright, NASA

Ultimate Eclipse 2017 Observing Guide

Planning for the Great American Eclipse 2017
The Ultimate Eclipse 2017 Observing Guide

Live Webcasts and Streams

Most of you will be hoping to experience totality in all its glory, “in the flesh”. However, if that is not possible or heaven forbid you are totally clouded out, this site will have plenty of resources available to watch all phases of the solar eclipse in 2017 live via webcasts and live streams. All the links will be available in the Live Eclipse section.

If you are planning a livestream of the 2017 eclipse, let us know via our Facebook page or by Email

Eclipse Glasses

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